Liam Payne Announces "First Time" EP, Delays Debut Solo Album Because Of... Cheryl?

liam layne first time ep

Liam Payne, aka the father of Bear, announced yesterday that he was pushing back the release of his debut solo bum (we didn't even have a release date but okay) because he felt some of the songs that were already recorded didn't connect with him anymore and that they literally sounded from “another age”. Don’t get it? It’s because those songs he recorded while he was with Cheryl. And now that he's not with her anymore, well, it feels awkward putting them out. So he's back in the studio working on new material to add to the album. But hopefully we'll still get it this year. Most likely in the last quarter of 2018.

In the meantime, and to make fans literally not lose it, Liam is going to release an EP next week (August 24) titled “First Time”. That EP is going to include four songs in total and Liam is set to fully promote at least one single off of it.

Tracklist: "First Time", "Slow", "Home With You" & "Depend on You"

What do you think about this album delay?

By on August 18, 2018
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