Letting A Kid Be A Director? Bad Idea: Watch Olly Murs’ “Grow Up” Music For Proof

olly murs grow up
olly murs grow up video

It was a shock but Olly Murs’ summer single "You Don't Know Love" didn't make it onto the Top 10 in the UK. So the British singer has had to move on to another single, also from his upcoming fifth studio album “24 HRS“ which will arrive in stores in the UK on November 11th.

What’s the chosen song? A laid-back one called “Grow Up”.

Olly calls out an ex girlfriend in it for acting so immature when they were going out and demanding her to “grow up” if she desires to truly be happy with another person in life. Can’t believe how one can go from something as flawless as "You Don't Know Love" to this… and I won’t lie: this is “cute” but totally forgettable and basic much. Does his label truly think this can top the performance of "You Don't Know Love”? Come on.

olly murs grow up vevo

Directed by Jim Canty, Olly tries to play in a fun way with the “grow up” subject in this music video. You will see the British lad trying to shoot the “Grow Up” MV but it will prove to be a difficult task, for the youngsters in charge of direction, camerawork, styling and more will be a bit of a pain in the neck to work with!

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By on October 12, 2016
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