Leona Lewis Teases Amazing Adele-Esque New Song: Watch

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Leona Lewis Teases Amazing Adele-Esque New Song: Watch

Bleeding Love” star Leona Lewis is coming out with a new album very soon and she just posted on Facebook a teaser of what could be the lead single!

As you may know, the British diva switched labels earlier this year, leaving Simon Cowell's Syco - after 7 years together due to "creative differences"- and going to Universal's Island Records UK. And it looks like the label change was for good because this new Leona music is sounding ah-mazing. (She just had to leave Syco. They just didn't know how to handle her anymore and "Glassheart" was a big mess).

Check out below a 37-sec snippet of the new Leona Lewis song allegedly titled “Fire”:

LeLew is coming for her “Rolling in the Deep”!!! This sounds so good, guys! Actually, it sounds like this track will be her best since "Bleeding Love"...and that just from a snippet! The Facebook video above shows Leona playing the piano (had no idea she knew how to use this instrument) and singing her new soulful song at the same time in acoustic mode only backed by a drummer at an undisclosed wood-y location. This is definitely giving me “Rolling in the Deep” vibes and I love it. Leona still had so much to offer and this song snippet proves it. Can’t wait for her slaying return!


By on December 19, 2014

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