Leona Debuts Song At 'Hackney Weekend'

Leona Debuts Song At 'Hackney Weekend'

British diva Leona Lewis re-surfaced from wherever she was hiding to perform a set at BBC Radio 1's Hackney Weekend on Saturday afternoon (June 23rd) - LeLew was on charge to open Day 1 of the free festival which will see rapper Jay-Z as headliner. And on Sunday, Bajan superstar Rihanna will close the festivities. Back to Leona's opening show, the 27-year-old performed a bunch of her most known songs - including the 2007 #1 smash "Bleeding Love" of course - as well as a couple covers and even treated fans with a brand new recording titled "Come Alive"...Listen above!

Produced by Fraser T. Smith, the dark electronica number (heavily expiremental for Leona BTW) is the first confirmed title from the revamped edition of the album "Glassheart", which Leona had to push back last year after the horrible performance of the first single "Collide". I like the fact Leona is not shamelessly jumping on the full 'dance-pop' bandwagon and is in fact giving us something 'original'. "Come Alive" has a fantastic production, and killer drum & bass/dubstep-ish chorus, all filled with Leona's soaring diva vocals. The song is solid, but not 'single' material. I don't want her to 'experiment' that much though...she just needs THAT one good song, with a nice melody, and relateble lyrics to return to the top. She played it too safe with 'Happy' and completly 'sold-out' with 'Collide'. Simon Cowell should ask Bruno Mars to pen Leona a mid-tempo, and Max Maxtin to produce the beat and we'd be on our way people!

What do you think of the song?

Leona Debuts Song At 'Hackney Weekend'

Leona's Full 'Hackney Weekend' Set (*Come Alive* @ 8:00)

By on June 23, 2012

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