Lauren Jauregui Serves Fierceness In Cosmic “All Night” Music Video: Watch

steve aoki lauren jauregui all night video
steve aoki lauren jauregui all night video premiere

Steve Aoki and Lauren Jauregui have premiered the official music video for their sensual EDM collaboration “All Night”. The music video got uploaded to Ultra Music’s YouTube channel this Monday afternoon. Ultra Music Records is Steve Aoki’s label – in case you didn’t know.

The music video was shot at a nightclub setting. The video revolves around the plot of Lauren Jauregui falling in love at first sight with a guy (a hot guy to be more precise). Lauren will be at the VIP area and the hot guy will be all across the dancefloor by the bar. They will make eye contact, realize they were made for each other and off they will go to meet in the middle of the dancefloor. However, getting there will prove to be quite a challenge with all the people packing the space. So crawling under them it will be! (lol). And once they get together, Lauren and the hot guy will magically teleport to outer space? Ehhh… it was all going fine up until this scene. What corny mess what that? I can’t. The side-eyeing is real.

Lauren looked absolutely gorgeous in this video, though. That’s the best thing about it.

By on January 8, 2018
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