Lana Del Rey's Gucci 'Guilty' Commercial Is OUT: Watch Here / Yes, It's Stunning!

lana del rey gucci commercial

Just a couple of weeks ago we could look at the first photographs of the new campaign led by singer Lana del Rey and actor Jared Leto for Gucci's popular "Guilty" perfume. Unfortunately for the Italian luxury brand, at that time the photographs were leaks. However, this time the new "Guilty" campaign is finally officially launched and on top of being able to appreciate higher resolution versions of the leaked print ads, we also get to look at the much-anticipated COMMERCIAL starring the "Born to Die" chanteuse and the Oscar winner.


They just exude old Hollywood glamour and adorable chemistry and I just LIVE for it.

Lana's beauty is just out of this world. Wouldn't you agree?

Looking to give your significant other the perfect gift this Valentine's Day? Well look no further, just buy the adequate version of the Gucci's "Guilty" fragrance and you will be a WINNER, baby.

By on January 14, 2019
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