Lady Gaga’s Release Of New Album IMMINENT? Possibly Titled “GAGA”?

lady gaga new album 2019

Lady Gaga changed the profile photo of her Instagram and Twitter accounts to the photo above this Monday morning (March 18th).

If you follow Lady Gaga on Instagram, you will recall this is the same drawing (the music symbols) the New York singer tattooed on her arm last month. The "GAGA"caption is a new element.

Fans are saying this means Lady Gaga's new album is to drop VERY soon. They say that Mother Monster and her record label will do this (pushing up the original release date for LG6 by a lot) to try to take advantage of Gaga's amazing chart moment with "Shallow". That makes sense.

A strong new rumor taking Twitter and forums by storm right now indicated that LG6 (or at least the first single) will be released in April or May (yes, THAT SOON).

Also, rumor has it Lady Gaga plans to name her next album simply "G A G A".

Are you excited?

By on March 18, 2019
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