Lady Gaga & Christina Aguilera Duet on "The Voice" Season 5 Finale (Video)

lady gaga performs on the voice

Lady Gaga & Christina Aguilera Duet on "The Voice" Season 5 Finale (Video)

Christina Aguilera replaced R. Kelly on Tuesday night's finale episode of "The Voice USA" when she performed with pop star Lady Gaga her new single "Do What U Want". This was definitely the most talked about moment of yesterday’s show. Did you see any animosity? Because I didn’t. For years the media has talked about a supposed “feud” between the pop singers. Clearly, they were wrong.

lady gaga and christina aguilera duet on the voice

It was a very subdued performance Gaga’s standard, but nevertheless, she and Christina rocked it. Wearing some sort of plastic, beige outfit, Gaga kicked off the performance singing without moving much with a stand-up mic. Christina came in for the second verse, making her grand appearance on stage when a huge “shell” props was lifted on the air. Gaga and Christina held hands, and sipped some Champagne to end the performance of “Do What U Want", the second single from "Artpop". Do not miss the moment when Gaga calls Christina "Legendtina!!" towards the end.


By on December 18, 2013

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