Lady Antebellum - "I Did With You" [Music Video]

hilary i did with you video

Ah! I just can’t deal with all the cuteness in this video! Lady Antebellum’s "I Did With You" is one of my favourite songs at the moment and just imagine my excitement when I was informed this morning (September 19th) that its music video had premiered on VEVO only ten days after the song was released! Happy times! For those who don’t know, "I Did With You" is a new Lady Antebellum country song they recorded specially for the soundtrack of upcoming romantic film “The Best of Me” (opens October 17). Without further ado, check out the "I Did With You" video below!

lady antebellum i did with you video

What a cute music video! And how lucky is Hillary that her middle school sweetheart grew up so…fine? The Lady Antebellum members perform "I Did With You" at an old theatre as Hillary remembers the good ol’ times she had at that place in middle school. She was part of the theatre team at the school, and it was in rehearsals of a play where she met the love of her life. As the song comes to an end, Hillary's fine man walks in theatre and leaves us all FLOORED. Get it, gurl!

lady antebellum i did with you video hot guy

What do you think of the video?

By on September 19, 2014
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