Lady Antebellum - "Freestyle" [Music Video]

lady antebellum freestyle video

Six months after releasing "Bartender", Lady Antebellum have finally chosen the second single from their latest album "747". It's an up-beat and fast-pace country song "Freestyle", co-written by multiple-Grammy Award winner Shane McAnally. “We can do it old school, ABC style Maybe we can go a little wild and freestyle”, sings Hillary Scott in the catchy hook of the new Lady Antebellum single. “Bartender” did top Country radio, but only reached #31 on the Hot 100. Let’s see if "Freestyle" can get a little higher than that. It’s a very easy-on-the-ear song so I bet it’ll do good!

lady antebellum freestyle video

"Freestyle" video review

Interesting…and different. Directed by comedian Nathan Barnatt, the "Freestyle" music video focuses on a day of Keith Apicary (a hilarious character of Barnatt) where he’ll take New York City by storm. He’ll dance on the streets, dance at the subway, dance at Central Park, dance at Times Square…pretty much dance and act a fool everywhere possible in the Big Apple. At night time, he’ll try to crash his favourite country band’s concert… Lady Antebellum’s obviously. In the end, he’ll be successful and jam to the country trio’s most-popular hits. And that won’t be the only thing he achieves that day. Keith Apicary will also get backstage with the band and get an album signed. Lucky fella!

Fun video, although I'd have preferred seeing more of Lady Antebellum but I totally get the video’s concept.

lady antebellum freestyle video

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By on October 29, 2014
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