Kylie Minogue Is A Country Girl In "Dancing" Music Video: Watch Now!

kylie minogue dancing video
kylie minogue dancing video premiere

Kylie Minogue’s “Dancing” music video has premiered on YouTube and it evidently features a lot of dancing scenes. Queen of coherence!

Directed by Sophie Müller, the “Dancing” music video sees the 49-year-old pop singer doing several country-boy, cowboy choreographies (it was a bit cringey to watch at first but then I realized Kylie looked so pretty and she was really living for her dancing that I eventually turned to loving everything) and playing the guitar in a sparkly dress.

49 years old where!? She doesn’t look a day over 30! Look at that skin! She needs to reveal her secret face cream ASAP. I need to use that brand like now!

“Dancing” if lifted from Kylie’s forthcoming new album “Golden”.

By on February 1, 2018
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