Kygo Premieres New Single "Kids In Love": Stream Audio

kygo kids in love

Kygo Premieres New Single "Kids In Love": Stream Audio

Norwegian DJ Kygo has dropped a new single called “Kids in Love”. The new single comes only a month after the “It Ain’t Me” producer released his “Stargazing” EP. Does the premiere of “Kids in Love” indicate Kygo plans to release a new EP project this fall/winter? Could be!

Kids In Love” is a big-sounding ballad with an explosive chorus where the elements of '80s rock intertwine with EDM. In the lyrics, the uncredited male vocalist sings about still not being able to move forward from a love he thought was the one. “I still love you on every word / My heart is beating / And I'm sorry that I left you hurt” are some of the remorse-filled lyrics of the first verse. Then he will switch to begging in the hook: “But won't you hold me close tonight? / Like we're kids in love”.

“Kids In Love” may not feature the most uplifting lyrics ever but that is a matter taken care of by those magnificent Kygo-produced EDM drops.


By on October 19, 2017

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