Kim Petras’ “Can’t Do Better” Can’t Get Love From Us: Song Premiere

kim petras cant do better

I love me some Kim Petras but this new song "Can't Do Better" goes a little nowhere.

"Can't Do Better" is Kim's first new song since "Heart to Break" which she released in February. "Heart to Break" is such a bop, a superb pop song, and I really thought it was going to be a FLAWLESS singles discography from that moment on from Kim. But then it came "Can't Do Better".

The song ain't super bad, but it's not great. And ever since "Heart to Break", I only want GREAT from Kim Petras.

"Can't Do Better" is an anthemic-sounding mid-tempo pop track where Kim tells a boy he will never find a woman better for him than her in his entire life.

The vibe of the song started cool for me, but then when the chorus kicked in, and I saw "Can't Do Better" was going nowhere, that's when I got disappointed.

This new Kim Petras song actually sound as it could be from the soundtrack of some average teen romance movie. But from the flawless debut studio album I am expecting from her? NO.


Read the lyrics to "Can't Do Better" here

By on June 8, 2018
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