Kendrick Lamar Unleashes "The Heart Part 4": Listen Now!

kendrick lamar the heart part 4

Kendrick Lamar Unleashes "The Heart Part 4": Listen Now!

Kendrick Lamar has made this week much brighter for his fans. The rapper released "The Heart Part 4" last night. Are you a fan of "The Heart" series too? Superb!

Recapping, though: Kendrick randomly released “The Heart Part 1” in April 2010 on YouTube. “The Heart Part 2” appeared on his O.verly D.edicated mixtape later that year. The third installment, “The Heart Part 3 (Will You Let It Die?),” got uploaded on his SoundCloud account just two days before the release of his critically-acclaimed 2012 album "good kid, m.A.A.d. city".

Now Part 4 is here.

In all previous "The Heart" songs Kendrick has spoken about his insecurities, his relationships, and good struggles with game, and that is the case with Part 4 too, but this time he's including a few more topics. For instance: he declares himself "the greatest rapper alive", he calls out Trump's ties with Russia, and he even uses this song to announce possible the release date of his much anticipated fourth studio album ("Y'all got till April the 7th to get ya'll shit together")!



By on March 24, 2017

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