Kelsea Ballerini One Step Closer To Her Pop Crossover: Listen To New Single “Legends”.

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Kelsea Ballerini One Step Closer To Her Pop Crossover: Listen To New Single “Legends”.

With every passing day Kelsea Ballerini is taking a step farther away from country. It seems replicating the Taylor Swift path, going from country to pop, is what is in her mind.

Kelsea, 23, released today, June 8, a new single called “Legends”, a song that is believed to be the lead single from her forthcoming second studio album and follow-up to the much-loved 2015 project “The First Time” (which spawned hits such as “Love Me Like You Mean It” and “Peter Pan”).

“Legends” can’t be described as a pure country song. It’s more of a pop song influenced by country music. And that’s the opposite of what took place in “The First Time”, where the songs were country songs influenced by pop music. But since Kelsea is now following this ‘going popper and popper’ path, songs like “Legends” will be the type of music we’ll be hearing from her from now on it seems.

Do I hate? Not at all. I think Taylor Swift proved there’s nothing wrong going pop if you can make it work for you, it feels natural to you, and you are able to produce quick hits (so haters don’t hate at you and bug you saying “haha, see? You ruined your career and lost fans for doing something that clearly didn’t work for you in the first place”). You have to indeed be confident that you will be able to bring the hits if doing a major genre change is what you pursue. If you don't see yourself capable, don't do it.

Did Kelsea succeed? Well, “Legends” is cute but it’s giving me more “album track” vibes than proper single/lead single. It’s not very memorable. But I do appreciate the sweet Kelsea vocals and the loving lyrics: “Yeah we were legends / Loving you baby it was Heaven / What everyone wondered we’d never question / Close our eyes and took on the world together”.

If you like to still think about the good times you lived with your ex, then Kelsea’s “Legends” is the song for you.

Here’s hoping Kelsea eventually downgrades “Legends” to “buzz single” when she sees it’s not performing well and that she realizes it was a rushed decision of a lead single and that she then releases a new song and that new song will truly be the chosen one. I feel like Kelsea should stop playing it safe and feeling scared. She clearly wants to do pop now and she should record pop music with no mind barriers (she’s probably still doubting to fully make the move or not). But we encourage her to go all the way. She just needs “that” song to enter the pop world with her chin up. “Legends” is not it yet but she’s getting closer I sense.

By on June 8, 2017

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