Kelly Rowland Drops Unexpected New Song "Gimme Love"...But It's Not What You Think! [Listen]

kelly rowland gimme love

I just got a serious headache listening to this!

Miss Kelly Rowland has recorded this new original song called “Gimme Love” for the new Seagram's Escapes commercial. It’s a soulful retro-dance number that all in all may be considered as a “cute bop”, but it’s got some “NA NA NA NA” adlibs all throughout that are way too loud and too repetitive that ruin the song a bit for me and totally give you a headache. I literally had to listen to “Gimme Love” in parts because I couldn’t bare a continuous listen. My brain was about to melt.

This is definitely something worthy of checking out because in the end it’s “new Kelly Rowland music” and we don’t get much of that these days, but “Gimme Love” should be streamed with caution.

Full audio via SoundCloud below:

Kelly’s last studio album was “Talk a Good Game” in 2013 and I think it’s already time for a new one, huh? What you doing, Kel?

Hit or Miss?

By on April 16, 2016
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