Kelly Rowland Celebrates The Fierce Woman She Is In Comeback Single “Kelly"

kelly rowland kelly cover

Go Kelly! Go go Kelly go!

What a great way to start the weekend. Our beloved Kelly Rowland decided to release last night (Nov. 22) her comeback single, a song simply titled “Kelly”. This is the R&B singer's first proper release since 2013 (she has been featured on some random songs ever since but nothing that belonged to her). Does this mean we have a new Kelly album dropping soon? I hope so but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. She just posted this on Twitter prior to releasing the new song:

So just a Thanksgiving gift?

Kelly” is a fierce urban some where Miss Rowland lets loose of her inner bad bitch in the sense I have never heard Kelly go in so hard like this before. The lyrics are all about celebrating the great and fierce woman she is, her power, her wealth, along other blessed things.

My wig had been officially snatched. And thank God my name is Kevin cause I can just easily switch my name for Kelly's in the chorus and bop the hell out of this song without screwing with the rhyme.


By on November 23, 2018
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