Kelly Rowland - Forever And A Day (New Song!)

Kelly Rowland - Forever And A Day (New Song!) 1

Kelly Rowland's brand new UK single entitled "Forever And a Day" has been premiered earlier on Wednesday via BBC's Radio One. The dance-pop tune was co-produced by Jonas and David Guetta. This will be included on Rowland's international edition of her upcoming third LP. For those who hadn't read the news, the former Destiny's Child member commented in a recent interview that her new studio work will have two versions. One for the US with a more R&B-urban sound (e.g Grown Ass Woman) and an overseas/international issue with a more dance-europop style ("Commander", "On & On"). I approve this decision. A proof this is a correct strategy is that the monster song "Commander" did not had the greatest performance on the US charts. Yeah it may have peaked high on the Hot Dance Club Songs chart but not on the real deal which is the Hot 100. In the UK, that single peaked at #9 - decent job but below the expectations IMO.

So after a few months of the "Commander" fever, it's time Kelly moves on and releases the next single. "Forever And A Day" has DJ Guetta's hot club beats, but this time a tad more mellow (almost like a dance-ballad) and it gets deeper lyrics-wise. Not a smash hit to my ears on the first listen. Sounds like a grower. Kelly does SANG! her heart out in the chorus though. Bravo. Maybe a really nice video can help convince me.

By on August 18, 2010
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