Kelly Clarkson Slays New Single At 'Stars For Free'

Queen Kelly Clarkson gave the first live performance ever of her new single "Mr Know It All" on Saturday afternoon (September 10th) during her set at the 2011 edition of the 'Stars For Free' music festival held in Berlin, Germany - Ms Clarkson treated the 17,000 festival-goers gathered at the German capital's Kindl-Bühne Wuhlheide amphitheatre with a flawless rendition of her Brian Kennedy-produced mid-tempo pop song. She nailed it! And I'm so glad to see "Mr Know It All" works great live.

The song may not be THAT vocally demanding - fact is Kelly only has one big note in the entire song, in the bridge - but nevertheless Ms Clarkson' emotion when singing always mesmerizes everyone listening no matter the song. So excited the promo has began! Kelly will now return to the United States where she's scheduled to perform on 'Jay Leno' later this month as well as at the 'IHeartRadio' festival.

Are you feeling "Mr Know It All"? Thoughts on the performance?

By on September 11, 2011
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