Kelly Clarkson Gives EPIC Performance of “Heat” On “The Voice” But…

kelly clarkson heat the voice
kelly clarkson heat the voice performance

It won’t get any better than this. Kelly Clarkson performed her song “Heat” last night, December 4, on “The Voice” and it was without a doubt the most amazing performance of the “Meaning of Life” single to date. Kelegend served legendary vocals, she looked amazing, the whole production of this performance was epic, the band and back up singers did a phenomenal job accompanying Kelly, the crowd in the studio got their lives from this performance, and it all just worked out amazingly overall. That’s why I say it won’t get better than this. The only problem? Last night’s performance has had no effect whatsoever on the charts and that is breaking my heart. As of this post, almost 12 hours after the performance aired on “The Voice”, “Heat” hasn’t returned to the Top 100 on iTunes USA. But I mean, “Heat” has been out as an official single since JULY so the “cold shoulder” from the general public could be understandable. The questions here is… why is Kelly still promoting “Heat” and doesn’t move to a new single? It appears as if Kelly really believes in this song and won’t stop until it becomes a hit. But girl, maybe enough is enough? I personally love “Heat” but other people seem to not be connecting with it. And sometimes we just have to face reality.


That was epic, right? What I wish to have been in the crowd!

Which song would you choose as the next single from “Meaning of Life”?

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By on December 5, 2018
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