Kelly Clarkson Country-Fies 'Mr. Know It All'

Kelly Clarkson Country-Fies 'Mr. Know It All'

No doubt her fellow Texans are feeling proud! Flawless queen Kelly Clarkson is fully embracing her southern roots with the release of a new version of her latest hit "Mr Know It All", she's giving it a 'country' makeover! Is it only me, or Kelly's voice sounds even sexier in this music style? If the original "Mr. Know It All" was all about a fierce 'boy, please, I'm done with you!' vibe, the newly released country version offers a softer, more 'cordial' approach to leaving a relationship. I'm feeling both versions honestly. And if I were working at Kelly's label, I would send the country-fied "Mr Know It All" to country radios. No doubt it'd be a hit there. Btw, it seems ever since Ms Clarkson recorded that duet with Jason Aldean, "Don't You Wanna Stay", and won loads of music awards with it, Kelly is feeling more comfortable with exploring her 'country' roots being a Texas girl. Could you imagine her releasing a country album? She'd slaaaay!

What do YOU think of the country version of 'Mr. Know It All'?

By on January 28, 2012

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