Kelly Clarkson - 'Dark Side' (Music Video)

Kelly Clarkson - 'Dark Side' (Music Video)

Beautiful! The ever-flawless Kelly Clarkson looks absolutely gorgeous in the music video for "Dark Side", her new single, which just went online on VEVO for all fans across the world to watch! Produced by Greg Kurstin, "Dark Side" is a deep (lyrics-wise) and emotional rock ballad, with a goosebumps-worthy bridge, that got picked by RCA Records to serve as Kelly's official third single from 'Stronger'. Let's hope it reaches the Top 10 in America! "Dark Side" is not as radio-friendly as Kelly's two previous singles, but let's hope the song's sentiment ends up 'connecting' with the audience and they make it a hit this summer. As for the recently-premiered MV, it was directed by Shane Drake, and filmed in different locations in Los Angeles. Besides showing stunning close-up shots of Ms Clarkson, along with a few where she's wearing an elegant long dress and walking by the Los Angeles River, the 'Dark Side' clip focuses on the stories of random people who are facing tough personal dramas, issues, insecurities, etc. Check it out!

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By on May 24, 2012

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