Kehlani - "Sweet Sexy Savage": Album Lyrics

kehlani sweet sexy savage album

Kehlani - "Sweet Sexy Savage": Album Lyrics

Why can’t other artists be like Kehlani?

She’s giving us 17 tracks on the standard edition of her debut album! (THANK YOU!)

The Atlantic Records-signed singer-songwriter is to release tomorrow, January 27th, her first full-length album ever entitled “SweetSexySavage” (a clear homage to TLC’s 1994 “CrazySexyCool” LP). The studio project will include 17 tracks on the standard edition and two bonus tracks on the deluxe edition.

All songs on “SweetSexySavage” have been written by 21-year-old Kehlani and some of the producers that helped her during the recording process were; Charlie Heat, Jahaan Sweet, NOVAWAV or Pop & Oak.

Kehlani is a kepper, Atlantic Records, remember that!

Favorite songs?

  1. Intro
  2. Keep On
  3. Distraction
  4. Piece of Mind
  5. Undercover
  6. CRZY
  7. Personal
  8. Not Used to It
  9. Everything Is Yours
  10. Advice
  11. Do U Dirty
  12. Escape
  13. Too Much
  14. Get Like
  15. In My Feelings
  16. Hold Me By the Heart
  17. Thank You
By on January 26, 2017

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