Kehlani Curses & Kicks Out Heckler Who Yells “Kyrie!” At Concert: Watch

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Kehlani Curses & Kicks Out Heckler Who Yells “Kyrie!” At Concert: Watch

Well done, Kehlani! That heckler deserved that humiliation!

At a recent concert, “CRZY” singer Kehlani had to stop everything she was doing to kick out a heckler, who yelled “Kyrie!”, out of the venue.

Kehlani asked for all of the lights of the venue to be turned on and for her loyal fans to point at the heckler. “Who the fuck said that?”, she loudly inquired. After the heckler was identified, Kehlani instructed security to get him out of the venue immediately.

Don’t know what the deal is with this Kyrie person?

He was Kehlani’s ex boyfriend for whom she attempted to commit suicide (after a scandal involving Kehlani allegedly cheating on him with PARTYNEXTDOOR exploded on the Internet).

Evidently, Kyrie is a painful chapter in Kehlani’s life book; one that she wants to leave in the past, and one that fans of Kehlani know very well must never be brought to her attention. Because why would you want to remind her about anything that was related to her suicide episode, right? Therefore, that concert heckler totally had it coming.

What a jerk.

By on June 13, 2017

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