Ke$ha - 'C'Mon' (Music Video)

Ke$ha - 'C'Mon' (Music Video)

Electro-pop singer Ke$ha lives in her her own surreal hippie-esque world in the video for "C'Mon", the official second single from her latest studio album "Warrior"...Watch above now!

The MV opens with Ke$ha quitting her awful job as waitress at a diner to go onto a 'hippie' experience with her buddies (people dressed in animal costumes). They cruise down Los Angeles making chaos and partying wherever they can, until Ke$ha decides to make a quick visit to her old boss at the diner to show him how it's done. "C'Mon" was an easy single choice from "Warrior". I bet radios will love it!

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Ke$ha - 'C'Mon' (Music Video)
By on January 11, 2013

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