Keane - 'Silenced by the Night' (Music Video!)

British alternative rock band Keane have debuted today (April 4th) the official 'Silenced by the Night' music video on VEVO...Watch above! The Christopher Sims-directed clip sees Tom Chaplin and his bandmates playing the song at a desert in a pitch black night with strategically-positioned lights illuminating their faces, with a parallel story showing us a random hippy-looking couple going on a road trip across the US without a defined destination. The couple goes through ups and downs during the video bringing the 'Silenced by the Night' lyrics to life. Nothing original but enjoyable MV anyway! 'Silenced by the Night', the first single from Keane's upcoming fourth album "Strangeland", is officially released in the UK on April 29th. It better be a smash! This is an EPIC-sounding song. It's in my Top 5 Keane songs already. Enjoy.

What do YOU think of the music video/song?

Keane - 'Silenced by the Night' (Music Video!) screencap
By on April 4, 2012
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