Katy Perry Prepares Custom Cakes In 'Birthday' Official Lyric Video - Watch Now!

katy perry birthday hamburger cake

'Dark Horse' may still be strong on the charts, but Katy Perry is already gearing up to release a new single. And that's going to be the also-Dr. Luke-produced "Birthday". And things are moving really fast for this single!

If Katy unveiled last week the old-school artwork for "Birthday", this week she's debuting the official lyric video for the next 'Prism' single. Watch below!

Very nice! Katy plays with the 'birthday cake' theme in this one. A handful of awesome custom cakes will be presented (a rainbow one, a hamburger-shaped one, or one all about Hello Kitty!) on a table in front of a sparkling golden curtain, before the ending scene sees Chef Katy - wearing her chef costume - revealing her colorful kitchen.

Oh my, I bet the official music video for 'Birthday' will be extra sweet!

What do you think of the lyric video?

katy perry birthday lyric vide
By on April 10, 2014
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