Katy Perry Premieres Funny "Swish Swish" Music Video: Watch

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Katy Perry Premieres Funny "Swish Swish" Music Video: Watch

Katy Perry’s high budget “Swish Swish” music video is finally out. The Dave Meyers-directed visual premiered this Thursday morning, August 24, on VEVO.

Besides Katy and Nicki Minaj starring in it, the “Swish Swish” music video features cameos from Molly Shannon, Terry Crews, Hafþór Júlíus "Thor" Björnsson, Bill Walton, Rich Eisen, Gatan Matarazzo, Jenna Ushkowitz, Christine Sydelko, Dexter Mayfield, Doug The Pug, Russel “Backpack Kid” Horning, Iris Kyle, Rob Gronkowski, Karl-Anthony Towns, Joey Chestnut, the ladies of GLOW (Sydelle Noel, Britney Young, Kia Stevens, Jackie Tohn), Carter Wilkerson, West Hollywood Cheerleaders, Amanda LaCount, and Nugget as herself.

The music video has a basketball game theme where Katy’s team will go from super losers to super winner after getting strongly motivated by Nicki Minaj (she just said the magic words: “Get it together, Katy!”).

We get the comedic vibe Katy wanted to serve with this music video but we were hoping to see a fiercer and choreography, club-oriented visual for "Swish Swish". The Nicki Minaj scenes were breathtaking and we wanted to see more of that vibe in the rest of the video. It was a fun watch though! But only a one watch thing?

By on August 24, 2017

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