Katy Perry Gets Shot With Hot Dogs In Funny “Jimmy Kimmel” Interview: Watch

katy perry jimmy kimmel interview
katy perry jimmy kimmel interview 2018

Katy Perry stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last night for a 12-minute chat. The pop singer was essentially there to promote the revival season of “American Idol” that premieres this Sunday, March 11 on ABC but she ended up talking about other things as well. On the “Idol” part of the conversation, we were shown a exclusive audition that we will watch on the season premiere episode and later Miss Perry spoke of all the amazing talent the show found across the U.S and of the chemistry among all the three new judges. Later in the interview Katy played a game called “Blast From The Past” where she virtually reunited with a high school acquaintance, she talked a little about her “Witness World Tour” and how she literally was going to hop on a plain to go to Chile right after the interview was over and finally she was shot with a hot dog cannon by Guillermo. She wanted a hot dog as a snack for her long flight!

Katy looked amazing in last night’s interview, that tigress outfit was everything but it kind of looked too she was still struggling to recover from a hangover (lol). And she ended up admitting it in the beginning of the interview. But hey, the "Hey Hey Hey" singer is a girl of commitments and she knew last night’s interview was important for the new “American Idol” season. So hangover or not, she was going to be in that “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” studio.


By on March 6, 2018
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