Katy Perry Catches The Bouquet At A Friend’s Wedding, Giving Orlando Bloom A Few Hints?

katy perry bouquet wedding

She caught it!

Katy Perry was the lucky girl who caught the bouquet at a friend’s wedding reception yesterday (what better day than getting married on Valentine’s Day, right?). There were a handful women also looking to take hold of the bouquet but when the bride threw it on the air, Katy was the one who got it. And she got it thanks to her hard work and jumping abilities. And probably it helped her too that she was the youngest woman in the bunch. So really the other poor ladies had no chance.

According to reports, Katy is back with Orlando Bloom and her energetically trying to get the bouquet at her friend’s wedding last night might indicate that 1) she definitely wants to get married again, 2) she’s giving Orlando a few hints to hurry up or 3) she might already have received a prosobal? (nah, too soon, right?).

LOL at Katy running away with the bouquet. She definitely didn’t want anyone to steal it from her. She really wants to be next from her group of friends to walk down the aisle!

In other news, Katy’s “Witness” tour will re-start in March in Latin America and the “American Idol” revival kick-off date is getting nearer!

By on February 15, 2018
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