Katy Perry And Rebecca Black Duet In Los Angeles!

Katy Perry and Queen Rebecca Black finally sharing a stage? I just can't...! Watch in the video above both pop superstars 'nailing' an acoustic version of Ms Black's viral hit "Friday" during Katy's concert at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, as part of her 'California Dreams Tour' - The 14-year-old singer from Orange County sat down on Katy's very-own candy stool at the center stage after politely asking "Which seat can I take?" - LOLz, and well, the rest was MAGIC! Hahaha. Okay, okay...the singing was kinda atrocious, by BOTH, but I'll just blame it on the nerves of such epic moment. Oh, and I see the crowd went nuts when Becca appeared on stage, and vigorously sang (shouted) the 'Yeah' moments. Awww, I liked this. Here's hoping Katy and Rebecca perform together (although rehearsing this time it so it's perfect) at the VMAs.

By on August 7, 2011
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