Karmin - 'Acapella' (Music Video)

Karmin - 'Acapella' (Music Video)

Watch now Karmin's colorful music video for "Acapella", the pop duo's first single from their upcoming full-length debut album, due in stores in September via Epic Records.

Produced Martin Johnson (Boys Like Girls), Karmin's singing half Amy Heidemann raps in "Acapella" about finding the so-called 'perfect man' and realizing he wasn’t so perfect in the end. The bass-heavy production is bananas! "Acapella" is a such a fresh, catchy and good-vibe track. As of thist post, it sits at #38 on iTunes USA, and hopefully the music video premiere helps boost sales! In the simple and colorful visual, we see Amy and Nick - musical duo and real-life couple - performing choreographed moves in color-coordinated outfits (blue, red and green). Watch them 'work' for the camera above!

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kamin perform in red in acapella music video
By on July 12, 2013

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