Kanye West - 'Lost in the World' (Music Video)

Kanye West - 'Lost in the World' (Music Video)

Another piece of art to add to the collection! Watch now Kanye West's official video for "Lost in the World", a track included on his 2010 album "Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"! My first reaction was; 'Not the video being released randomly years after! Is Kanye serious?', but once I watched the "Lost in the World" MV in its entirety, all I can say now is, thank you, Kanye! LOL. I mean, I know it's wack to release the clip for this particular song after all these years, especially since it CANNOT be a single now, but we in the end should appreciate Kanye's gesture towards fans who were badly requesting a visual for "Lost in the World".

The song knocks hard, and its music video is stunning! So epic, so flawless. The Ruth Hogben-directed black and white effort shows Kanye performing the track on a mirrored surface, which reflects the sky and causes an illusion of no earth beneath him, while a pair of angelic-looking female dancers appear to be falling through the sky surrounded by distorted images and patterns. Enjoy!

What do YOU think of the music video/song?

Kanye West - 'Lost in the World' (Music Video) screencap
By on May 4, 2012

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