Kane Brown Premieres New Single "Found You": Audio

kane brown found you

Kane Brown Premieres New Single "Found You": Audio

Good-looking country singer Kane Brown released last week a brand new single entitled “Found You”, which will be one of the four new songs that he will include on the re-release of his self-titled debut album that is coming out on October 6. The original “Kane Brown” was released by RCA Nashville back in December. Why not an all-new album, though?

“Sometimes the finish line is just the start of something new / If I'd of never lost her / Then I'd of never found you”, sings Kane Brown in the chorus of his new single, which ever since it got out last Friday it’s been steadily positioned within the Top 10/Top 15 of iTunes. So you see, there’s incredible love for Kane Brown in the U.S!


Catchy. No wonder why “Found You” is doing so well. Oh, and we’re going to need a music video for this single soon! And Kane Brown better be shirtless in it! (lol).

By on September 12, 2017

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