Justin Timberlake 'The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2' Complete Album Lyrics

The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 artwork

Part 2 is here!. Justin Timberlake completes the "20/20 Experience" era with the release of "The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2", his official fourth studio album and follow-up to the March 2013-released first part. The sequel - which is released September 30 in the US - features 11 tracks in its standard edition (and one hidden track), while Target buyers will get two exclusive bonuses. Like in Part 1, Justin will continue exploring the neo-soul, funky, jazz genres, providing both laidback grooves and slightly more danceable ones.

Productions come from Timbaland and Jerome "J-Roc" Harmon, and in "The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2", there are only two collaborations, one with Drake ("Cabaret"), and the other with Jay-Z ("Murder"). Lead single off the new album is "Take Back The Night".

What's your favorite track(s)?

1. Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want)

2. True Blood

3. Cabaret (feat. Drake)

4. T.K.O.

5. Take Back the Night

6. Murder (feat. Jay-Z)

7. Drink You Away

8. You Got It On

9. Amnesia

10. Only When I Walk Away

11. Not a Bad Thing

12. Pair of Wings (hidden track)

By on September 24, 2013
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