Justin Bieber Visits 'Jay Leno'

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber stopped by 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' on Friday to promote his upcoming movie-documentary "Never Say Never 3D" which arrives in theaters in the US on February 11th. Actually, he didn't talk much about the movie lol, just last seconds. Still, exposure on one of the most popular shows on American TV is always good. In the interview, Bieber talks about the new CSI episode he shot, him performing at the streets when he was 'younger' and that one day he got a 100 dollars tip, his experience at the Golden Globes gala and the latest Vanitary Fair cover he's featured on.

On the music side, due to the upcoming movie-documentary, the Justin Bieber collaboration with Jaden Smith "Never Say Never" has been officially *single* released in the States. Before, it was only part of the "Karate Kid" remake soundtrack and included on the "My Worlds Acoustic" set without proper release, its digital download made it chart hight though. "Never Say Never" has now gone for mainstream and rhythmic airplay on US radios on January 25th and it's rising again on the local iTunes. Remember, Bieber will also perform at the Grammys ceremony next month. No doubt which song he'll sing...right?

By on January 29, 2011
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