Justin Bieber & Reggaeton Star J. Balvin Perform “Sorry” Latin Remix at 2016 Calibash In L.A: Video

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Justin Bieber & Reggaeton Star J. Balvin Perform “Sorry” Latin Remix at 2016 Calibash In L.A: Video

He lives in L.A and he was going to get free promo for his single and increase his Latino fanbase, it would have been stupid if Justin Bieber hadn’t made a surprise appearance last night, January 24th, at the 2016 Calibash. The Calibash (sponsored by SBS radio station MEGA 96.3 FM) is “an annual L.A event aimed at young Latinos that the organizer calls “the leading Latin urban music concert in Los Angeles.”

Held yesterday at the Staples Center, during Colombian star J. Balvin’s set (he has big hit right now in Spain and Latin American with his song “Ginza”) he treated the 19,000-people crowd with a special performance of his Latin remix of Justin Bieber’s hit “Sorry” (the official Latin remix of the song actually. The audio is available on Justin Bieber’s VEVO account). What was special about it? Well, that Justin himself was in this performance! That’s right. This was the very first live performance with both J. Balvin and Justin Bieber singing the Latin remix of “Sorry” (from the album “Purpose”) together. This Latin remix is quite the hit too in the Latin radios in the US, in the whole of Latin America and, of course, Spain. The audio of the remix already racks up over 46 million streams on VEVO.

Wearing the most outrageous “boy from the hood wanna-be” outfit ever, Justin hit the Staples Center stage and delivered quite an energetic performance with a super hyped-up J. Balvin. He knew this would be a milestone in his career.

ESTAMOS LISTOS @justinbieber #historia. WE ARE READY SHOW TIME !!! #history #latinos

Un vídeo publicado por J Balvin (@jbalvin) el

LOL, though, at the moment of the performance when Justin held his mic out to the crowd to sing the chorus of “Sorry” but what came next what a rapped verse by J. Balvin. His WTF face was priceless. He should’ve studied the Latin remix before going to this event.

Should JB do more Latin remixes?

By on January 25, 2016

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