Justin Bieber & Aaron Carter: The Beef That Could’ve Been

justin bieber aaron carter drama
justin bieber aaron carter drama on twitter

Well, there goes the drama unfortunately.

Yesterday a beef between Aaron Carter and Justin Bieber was supposed to be hot topic of the day but that didn't happen. Let me explain: it all started with a tweet some Twitter user posted where he made a shady comparison between Aaron and Justin. Aaron replied, as he didn't like the energy coming from that tweet, and ended up saying he paved the way for artists like Justin and that he and others should have paid him homage in some way. Justin then tweeted Aaron saying he bought his debut album when he was 7 years old, that he was a big fan of “Aaron's Party” and that if Aaron ever needed a hype man he should give him a call. That hype man comment sounded a bit shady, I personally thought it had a shady intent, but Aaron kept it cool and replied with a let's-make-peace tweet. Aaron said he went to see Justin’s movie, said Justin's music inspired his new music, and that it was all good. He just didn't like Twitter trolls like the person whose tweet started this all. Justin then made one last reply saying “all love here” and that he honestly supported Aaron.

See the tweets:

Eh... I don't think Justin foresaw this outcome but good for him to keep it peaceful after Aaron's first reply. The Internet didn't need a new beef… or did it? (lol).

But let's debate, did Aaron really paved the way for Justin? Should the “Baby” singer be grateful and pay Aaron homage?

By on November 22, 2018
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