Justin Bieber - 'Boyfriend' (Music Video)

Justin Bieber - 'Boyfriend' (Music Video)

The Bieber drives his flashy car to impress a hot-looking soon-to-be-his-girlfriend brunette in the video for "Boyfriend", the first single from the teen heartthrob's new album "Believe", arriving in stores worldwide next June 19th via Island Records/RBMG.

There were two videos shot for 'Boyfriend' for those who don't know. The original one was directed by Colin Tilley (we all saw the previews) but in the last minute, JB and/or his label decided to 'switch things up', cause apparently the clip looked too urban, and they ARE feeling that's the issue with 'Boyfriend', as it's not the epic massive smash they were expecting. The new *final* clip was filmed by director X, and it basically shows Justin driving his fancy car to meet his hot brunette at a rooftop party. There they flirt, semi-grind on each other, and at night JB does a little choreo for her. Check it out!

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By on May 4, 2012

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