Julia Michaels’ Music Video For Her Addictive Song “Jump” Has Arrived: Watch

julia michaels jump video
julia michaels jump music video

Did you know I'm super obsessed with Julia Michaels' newest single "Jump"?

I literally stream it religiously at least 2-3 times a day.

"Jump" is said to be a single from Julia's forthcoming new EP or debut studio album. It's not yet clear what project it will be but there's definitely something coming. I hope it'd the latter. Julia Michaels is immensely talented and she deserves an LP already.

The catchy and UNIQUE (no other song like this on radio now) "Jump" received the music video treatment today via VEVO.

The "dark" music video sees Julia Michaels filming herself with a webcam (so old school!) inside her car at a parking lot located in a dodgy area under a bridge at night time. Rapper Trippie Redd will appear in the music video to perform his bridge verse hanging with Julia outside the vehicle and then hanging with the "Issues" singer in some mysterious room where there is only a comfy dark blue couch.

"'Cause all I do is jump right into your arms / Every time I see you, I just wrap myself around you / Yeah, jump into something real... JUMP! JUMP! JUMP!". I can't stop singing along!

If you haven't heard this song yet, you're a fool. Get into it now!

WATCH (click here for alternative viewing link)

Read the lyrics to "Jump" here

By on June 7, 2018
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