Joss Stone Promotes 'LP1' On US TV!

Joss Stone Promotes 'LP1' On US TV!

British singer Joss Stone is currently in the US promoting her upcoming fifth album called "LP1" which will hit stores next week on July 26th - The project's first single "Somehow" was sent to US radios, hitting Triple A (Adult Alternative) formats, this week, and although I think the song is good, hearing now these two new tracks "Newborn" and especially the FIRE "Karma", I believe Joss Stone should re-consider the first single choice. "Somehow" presents well Joss' new album's sound, that is, rock-ish productions keeping the singer's funky soul style. But as far as chart success goes, "Somehow" may not go anywhere. On the contrary, this other album cut entitled "Karma" is pure fire! and must be one of Joss' favorite tracks on "LP1" cause she gave one FIERCE performance of it on Monday on 'The Tonight Show'. So good.

The following day, Joss performed another new song called "Newborn" on Craig Ferguson's "Late, Late Show". It's a beautiful ballad, and Joss sold it very well giving a vibrant acoustic rendition. I wonder though, why didn't Joss sing the official single "Somehow" at any of these shows? Maybe she isn't entirely happy with the first single choice and she's facing her record label performing other songs. Anyhow, fans should only have in mind that Joss - judging by these songs - is going to deliver one hot album, that I may actually purchase. Oh, and I'm happy to see Joss is okay after the horrible alleged 'murder plot'.

By on July 14, 2011

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