Jonas Brothers Are Back With New Song “Sucker" And The Music Video Has 3 Very Special Female Guests!

jonas brothers sucker

Here's something I thought I'd never say again: there's a new Jonas Brothers song out!

The gang is back after 6 years since their last studio album "Live". After that, Kevin basically retired and Joe and Nick went to have solo careers. Nick succeeded while Joe flopped. But then he came up with DNCE and there he finally found some non-Jonas Brothers success. But apparently the nostalgia, and possibly the lack of recent hit singles too, has been so much that Kevin, Joe and Nick decided to bring their pop trip out of hiatus. Is this new song "Sucker" the lead single of an upcoming comeback album? We don't know that yet but most likely. I doubt they would reunite in the studio to just record one song, duh.

"Sucker" is blues-rock realness. It has some catchy moments and it's definitely cute. Not as cute as the song's artwork, though...

Oh my...Nick... *swoons*.

I like the song but does it sound like a 2019 hit? Unfortunately no. Radios may play this for a few days as a thank-you for all of the great moments the trio gave them in the past but I don't see much overall airplay for this song. It's just not what the general audience is asking for at the moment.

What may find actual success, though, is the music video for "Sucker", which features appearances from the wives/girlfriend of Kevin, Nick and Joe! (Hi Priyanka!!!)


By on March 1, 2019
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