John Legend Premieres Political "Penthouse Floor" Music Video: Watch

john legend Penthouse Floor video
john legend Penthouse Floor video premiere

Could this be a brand new world record? A record of the most late music video premiere?

John Legend uploaded the official music video for his song “Penthouse Floor” this Friday morning on VEVO. “Penthouse Floor”, featuring Chance the Rapper, is included on the R&B singer’s fifth studio album “Darkness and Light” that was released in stores in December 2016. “Penthouse Floor” was officially released as the second single from the album, following “Love Me Now”, in October 2016 (almost a year ago). Time passed and the single didn’t have the best of receptions from the public. It didn’t chart anywhere and therefore when we saw there was music video coming for it, everybody assumed John had canceled “Penthouse Floor” as a single. In fact, confirmation of this silent cancellation came when earlier this year he released album track “Surefire” as the next single. So, what’s the music video for “Penthouse Floor” premiering now? The music video has a clear political, anti-Trump theme and it all points out that it was shot a little before the last U.S elections and that John has been keeping this music video in the vault for a very long time then. He probably thought the video would be eternally dismissed given “Penthouse Floor” performed badly as a single but now that Donald Trump is making more and more terrible mistakes that is hurting his country’s image and social cohesion, John must’ve thought the time had come to undust the “Penthouse Floor” music video at last and give it a purpose, and here it is!


By on October 13, 2017
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