Jessie Ware Releases "Egoista", Spanish Version of "Selfish Love": Wow

jessie ware egoista cover

We knew it! We knew Jessie Ware’s “Selfish Love” song had a romantic Latin ballad vibe in that production! And now we know why. It’s because Jessie Ware had a Spanish version hidden and loaded in the trigger. Perhaps the Spanish version was the original and the English version was just a remix? We’re so curious to find out more about the background of this song! But anyway, today, September 29, about a month since the official premiere of “Selfish Love”, Jessie Ware comes forward with the unexpected Spanish version of her “Glasshouse” second single: “Egoista”. This is a version fully sung in Spanish, and we must congratulate Jessie Ware on her pronunciation. She definitely took some speaking lessons and it shows! It was very easy to understand her.



“Selfish Love”, or “Egoista”, sounds ten times better in this Spanish version. The lyrics flow way better with the romantic Latin production in comparison with the English version. It all sounds better and more honest. And wow at Jessie Ware sounding so sexy and sultry in Spanish. She has to record more in this language, please!

By on September 29, 2017
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