Jessie Ware - "Glasshouse": Album Lyrics

jessie ware glasshouse album

Check out all the song lyrics from Jessie Ware’s “Glasshouse” album.

Glasshouse” is the British singer-songwriter’s third studio album and her first release in 3 years. Her last LP “Tough Love” was released in the autumn of 2014. “Glasshouse” is scheduled for global release on October 20th, 2017 with distribution by Island Records.

12 are the total number of tracks that make up the “Glasshouse” album, however, if you buy the deluxe edition, you will get 5 bonus tracks, of which 2 are original songs, and the remaining 3 just acoustic versions of songs from the standard edition tracklisting.

The list of producers that worked with Jessie Ware in the creation of “Glasshouse” is as follows: Benny Blanco, Bastian Langebaek, Andrew "Pop" Wansel, Kid Harpoon, ST!NT, Happy Perez, Cashmere Cat, and Starsmith.

There were three official singles preceding the release of “Glasshouse”. There were: “Midnight”, “Selfish Love”, and “Alone”.


1. Midnight

2. Thinking About You

3. Stay Awake, Wait For Me

4. Your Domino

5. Alone

6. Selfish Love

7. First Time

8. Hearts

9. Slow Me Down

10. Finish What We Started

11. Last Of The True Believers

12. Sam


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