Jessie J Is A "Queen", OK? Stream Her New Single For Receipts!

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Jessie J Is A "Queen", OK? Stream Her New Single For Receipts!

This is a big song. Jessie J’s “Queen” is a big song. But is it single material? Is it music that radios will actually like playing? “Queen” is the “real” first single from Jessie J’s upcoming fourth studio album “R.O.S.E”. The single was released today, November 17, on digital platforms. “Queen” is an R&B mid-tempo song where Jessie J speaks about loving yourself, and reminding you that you always have to put you first, and not below anything or anyone (a man, in the case of this song). The R&B vibes this song oozes are so intense and mesmerizing, and this is definitely a genre that Jessie J makes an honest and cool connection with. She understands R&B, she knows the correct timings, and this song is just living proof that if Jessie J one days decides to fully give up pop, then R&B will be right there waiting for her with open arms.

I love my body / I love my skin / I am a goddess / I am a queen”, sings Jessie-Jessie-Jessie J in the chorus. We love the production of “Queen”, we love Jessie J’s perfect vocals, and we love how this song makes us feel while listening to it. It’s quite an experience what your mind and body will feel. But as much as we love “Queen” as a quality song, will this “real first single” be successful on the charts and radios? In principle one would say no but if we pray and believe people still have good taste in music, then this song will be Jessie J’s first real smash hit since 2014 (“Bang Bang”).

By on November 17, 2017

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