Jessica Sutta Debuts New Single in West Hollywood!

Former Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta stopped by Truck Stop/Here Lounge in West Hollywood this week to perform for the first her new single called "I Wanna Be Bad" - This will serve as Jessica's very first solo single (not counting her 2007 collaboration "White Lies" with Paul Van Dyk) and. the lead cut from her upcoming debut album. Hmmmm, what do you think? It could be a smash song for the clubs - just give it a killer remix - but I just don't see it as a big contender for a Top 40 hit on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart.

She should have come foward with a more intelligent and well-crafted song and not this. Sounds disappointing IMO. The verses remind me of Girlicious' "Drank", the pre-chorus to Agnes' "Release Me" and the chorus to PCD's "When I Grow Up" = nothing original. Jessica has stated she would be uploading the official music video to her Youtube page in the coming days so perhaps a good clip will make me like the song a bit better, and I'd also want to hear the HQ studio version. As for Ms Sutta's performance, well it was funny. I mean, why did she need a mic? It was all playback, and she only put the mic to her mouth like three times...The go-go dancers stole the show for me lol. Anyways, according to Jessica her new pop-dance single "I Wanna Be Bad" will be released in two weeks. EXCITED?

By on September 26, 2010
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