Jennifer Lopez Serves OLYMPIC SWIMMER Realness For Harper’s Bazaar!

jennifer lopez harpers bazaar

Jennifer Lopez is on the cover of the February 2019 cover of the Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

The woman is 49 years old. JUST INCREDIBLE, right? What’s her potion? Her facial cream? Tonic? I serious need to find out.

The red outfit she wears on the cover is Gucci.

The rest of photos from the Camilla Akrans-shot spread are nothing like the cover, though. In the cover pic, Jennifer may be serving “let’s go get lunch at Rodeo Drive” but in the rest pics she serves OLYMPIC SWIMMER realness. And yes, I’m LIVING the most for the rest. What about you?

jennifer lopez harpers bazaar 2019
jennifer lopez harpers bazaar swimmer
jennifer lopez harpers bazaar beach
jennifer lopez harpers bazaar pool
jlo smile
jlo legs

That photo of her jumping from a really high position into the pool (I assume) is just WOW. I need a photo like that for Instagram this summer. Thank you for the inspiration, Jennifer and Camilla!

Jennifer was al interviewed by the magazine for this new issue. Here are some highlights:

On media scrutiny: “You’re trying to do your best and people are putting you down, or trying to make believe you’re not a nice person, or you’re a diva. I’m always like, ‘Who are you talking about?’”
On being put in a box early in her career: “From early on in my career, I felt like people wanted to put me in a box. You will play these sorts of roles, do this type of thing. Or you will only act. You cannot sing and act at the same time. I felt very confined by that because I knew I was going to do different things. I was at least going to try!”
On her life today: “I’ve got two amazing kids and a great boyfriend. I don’t have everything figured out, and everything isn’t perfect. But I feel very proud that with all the things I’ve gone through in my personal life, I’m still optimistic and hopeful.”

Jennifer Lopez’s new movie “Second Act” and new single “Limitless” are both out now.

Credit: Camilla Akrans/Harpers Bazaar

By on January 9, 2019
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