Jennifer Lopez Premieres New Spanish Single "Amor Amor Amor": Stream

jennifer lopez amor amor amor

Jennifer Lopez Premieres New Spanish Single "Amor Amor Amor": Stream

We applaud Jennifer Lopez for not falling onto the tempting web of pure reggaeton. The New York singer premiered her new single “Amor Amor Amor”, featuring Wisin and lifted from her upcoming second full-length Spanish album titled “Por Primera Vez” (coming out soon), today. “Amor Amor Amor” is the official second single from “Por Primera Vez” and therefore the long-awaited follow-up to “Ni Tu Ni Yo”, a song which we didn’t feel at all. So what’s up with “Amor Amor Amor”? We do like this one! (hurray). “Amor Amor Amor” is fully Latin-vibed, not straightforward reggaeton, it’s festive, it’s very “let’s go dance to this in a salsa club ASAP”, and we truly enjoyed on our first listen. Jennifer could just do simple reggaeton but she’s opting to stay true to what she likes and what she likes is something Latin but something she could perform with a band – if you know what we mean.

Jennifer’s new song “Amor Amor Amor” is a record that talks about two lovers saying how much they love making love together because it feels like they come alive when they do it. It produces an energy that makes them feel whole.

By on November 9, 2017

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