Jennifer Lopez Is A Shady Lady: Officially Releases “Limitless” The Same Day Nemesis Mariah Carey Drops New Album!

jlo limiteless

If Jennifer Lopez ever wanted to get back on Mariah Carey's good graces, she can start dismissing that wish now. How can you expect Mariah to finally KNOW YOU when you release your new song the same day the elusive chanteuse releases her new album “Caution”? You do that to try to bug her? To try and block her singles on iTunes? What's the deal Jenny from the Block? Why precisely today? The Lambily is going to get you. Or did Jennifer did this intentionally so she could take advantage of the attention from posts like this? Ohhhhhhh....

Last month J.Lo performed her new song “Limitless” at the American Music Awards 2018. That night she didn't release the single on digital platforms to the surprise of many. She decided to wait over a month and drop it today. “Limitless” is part of the soundtrack of Jennifer’s new movie “Second Act” but get this, the movie isn't hitting theaters until December 21st. Eh... What kind of messy promotion is this? Anyhow, the song at least is really nice. But you know what else this song proves besides J.Lo being a shady lady with her release dates timings? That she totally lip-synched in that AMAS performance last month (but I already knew that). Compare this studio edit to the performance audio and the truth will be easily unveiled. Still, cute song!

By on November 16, 2018
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